May 20, 2024 – Monthly Meeting – General Public Welcome!

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Ulysses and Julia Grant c.1860

Ulysses and Julia Grant: Dancing on the Edge of the Gilded Age

Presented by Ulysses Grant Dietz
Chief Curator Emeritus of Newark Museum of Art and
Board Member of the Ulysses S. Grant Association  

Both born on America’s frontier, Ulysses and Julia Grant’s lives were one of the great love stories of the 19th century, and spanned the full experience of America’s transformation from the 1820s to the Gilded Age that emerged after the end of the Civil War. From penury to wealth, from a log house in Missouri to a mansion off of New York’s Fifth Avenue, Ulysses and Julia saw it all. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about this couple who, in their day, were the best-traveled people in the United States.

Ulysses Grant Dietz is the youngest of Ulysses and Julia’s 41 great-great-grandchildren and the only Ulysses of his generation. His talk will follow their lives from courtship through parenthood, from failed farmer to triumphant general, and on into the later Gilded Age as the next generations make their way.

Note this meeting is being held at different venue than usual!
7:00 p.m. at the Parish Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church,
650 Rahway Avenue, Woodbridge, NJ

June 24, 2024 – Monthly Meeting – General Public Welcome!

Woodbridge Speedway, c. 1933

Leisure Activities in Woodbridge:

Presented by the Woodbridge Township Historic Preservation Commission  

Leisure is recognized as an important part of public policy–with families, government, religious groups, businesses, and other organizations all having a stake in its development. The “fun and games” promoted locally proved to be highly enriching over a century ago and continues to be a creative part of modern life. Various forms of recreation served the purpose of bringing the town together and provided a safe and enriching environment for the residents of Woodbridge Township. 

7:00 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall, First Presbyterian Church,
600 Rahway Avenue, Woodbridge, NJ